Project Overview: - portfolio website

My own personal portfolio website built while completing my Diploma in Web and UX Design at Yoobee Auckland


Welcome to, a personal portfolio website that showcases my journey and achievements in web and UX design. This site was crafted as the final project for my diploma in Web and UX Design at Yoobee Design School in Auckland. As part of the assignment, I fully coded this WordPress website from scratch, creating a comprehensive portfolio to use in my job search. This site not only reflects my technical skills but also my dedication and passion for design.

Purpose of serves multiple purposes:

  1. Portfolio Showcase: This website is a testament to my skills and experience as a web and UX designer. It includes various projects and assignments I completed during my diploma, demonstrating my growth and expertise in the field.
  2. Fashion Design Experience: Before transitioning to web design, I ran Return To Eden Children’s Boutique, where I designed children’s fashion. The site features actual photos of my work, collaborations, and achievements in the fashion industry, highlighting my creative background and attention to detail.
  3. Beautiful Collaborations: The site also features stunning photos taken by photographers I collaborated with for Return To Eden Children’s Boutique, adding a visual appeal that complements the content and showcases my ability to work effectively with other creative professionals.
  4. Personal Achievements and Testimonials: The website also includes my CV and testimonials from clients and collaborators, providing a comprehensive view of my professional journey and the positive impact of my work.
  5. Memorable Journey: is particularly special to me as it represents a period of intense personal and professional growth. I built this site over two months, working independently without guidance after leaving Yoobee Design School to care for my terminally ill father in Mount Maunganui. Despite these challenging circumstances, I persevered and completed the project, often working near my father’s bedside. is more than just a portfolio; it is a reflection of my journey, resilience, and passion for design. It encapsulates my transition from fashion design to web and UX design, highlighting my diverse skill set and dedication to creating beautiful, functional websites. This site is my favourite project to date, representing not only my professional capabilities but also my personal story and the strength I found during a difficult time.

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