Do My Hair

Project Overview:

Client: Do My Hair
Industry: Hair Salon
Location: Auckland, New Zealand


Trinity Web Designs (TWD) proudly presents our multi-faceted collaboration with ‘Do My Hair’ (DMH), an upscale hair salon known for its exquisite services and style. Our journey with DMH began with a complete overhaul of their online presence, initially crafting a sophisticated black and white monochrome website and subsequently reimagining it in 2022 to mirror the salon’s new soothing and elegant interior design.


  • Initial Website Design – Monochrome Elegance: Our first undertaking was a magazine-style website that adhered to DMH’s original black and white monochrome theme. This design effectively captured the salon’s upscale and contemporary vibe, setting a high standard for online fashion and beauty platforms.

  • 2022 Redesign – Tranquil and Chic Aesthetic: Aligning with DMH’s interior redesign, TWD introduced a new website palette of dusky neutrals, natural pinks, and beiges. This soothing color scheme created a digital space that was both inviting and reflective of the salon’s calming atmosphere.

  • Integration of Online Booking System: Transitioning from a one-page to a multi-page website, we integrated the ‘Timely’ online booking system. This addition significantly streamlined the appointment scheduling process, enhancing customer convenience and salon efficiency.

  • Google My Business and Social Media Management: Our role extended to setting up and managing DMH’s Google My Business account, ensuring optimal online visibility. We also crafted eye-catching social media posts, particularly for Instagram, resonating with the style-conscious audience of today.

  • Graphic Design and Advertising Support: TWD took charge of various graphic design needs, including creating compelling visuals for social media. Additionally, we assisted in setting up advertisements on Seek for staff recruitment, reflecting our diverse digital marketing capabilities.

  • Payment and Financing Solutions: Implementing Stripe and Afterpay, we facilitated seamless booking deposits and payment options, enhancing the customer experience and boosting the salon’s operational efficiency.

  • Reliable Hosting and Ongoing Maintenance: Hosted on Siteground Cloud Hosting – renowned for its reliability and performance – the WordPress website remains under our vigilant care. TWD regularly updates and maintains the site, ensuring it stays current and functional.


This comprehensive project with ‘Do My Hair’ salon exemplifies Trinity Web Designs’ dedication to delivering bespoke digital solutions. From elegant website designs to efficient online systems and robust social media strategies, our services have not only elevated DMH’s digital presence but also significantly contributed to its operational success and client satisfaction. This enduring partnership stands as a testament to our ability to adapt, innovate, and drive growth in the dynamic digital landscape.