Essential Pilates

Project Overview:

Client: Essential Pilates
Industry: Pilates – Health and Wellbeing
Location: Taupo, New Zealand


Essential Pilates, recently acquired by a new owner, needed a comprehensive rebranding to align with the fresh vision for the business. The previous website was basic and uninviting, lacking the essential elements that convey calm and well-being. The challenges included:

Old and Uninviting Design: The previous site failed to evoke the serene and rejuvenating atmosphere that is crucial for a wellness business.

Lack of Branding: There was no cohesive branding, including the absence of a logo, which is essential for creating a strong identity and professional image.

Booking System: A booking system was required for the website.

Target Audience Expansion: The new branding needed to appeal not just to women but also to men and older age groups, ensuring a welcoming environment for a diverse clientele.


With the freedom to creatively transform Essential Pilates’ digital presence, Trinity Web Designs undertook the following steps:

Comprehensive Rebranding: We crafted a new, elegant logo that embodies the essence of calm and well-being, laying the foundation for a cohesive brand identity.

Branding Guidelines: Detailed branding guidelines were developed, including fonts, colour schemes, and logo usage, ensuring a consistent and professional presentation across all platforms.

Modern and Inviting Design: The new website was designed with a focus on creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. We used soft, muted colors and modern, aesthetically pleasing fonts to enhance the visual appeal.

Balanced Color Scheme: To avoid an overly feminine feel and to attract a broader audience, including men and older individuals, we incorporated a darker blue into the colour palette. This balanced approach ensures that everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

Integrated Booking System: A user-friendly booking system was implemented, allowing clients to easily schedule classes online, enhancing convenience and user experience.

Client Collaboration and Satisfaction: The clients gave Trinity Web Designs full creative license, and they were ecstatic with the results. The new website not only meets but exceeds their expectations, reflecting the quality and professionalism of Essential Pilates.

essential pilates logo
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The revamped Essential Pilates website is a true reflection of the business’s commitment to promoting health and well-being. The modern and calming design, combined with a practical booking system, has significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction. The balanced color scheme successfully appeals to a diverse audience, making everyone feel welcome. The new branding and logo provide a strong, cohesive identity that sets Essential Pilates apart in the wellness industry. With comprehensive branding guidelines and Trinity Web Designs’ innovative approach, Essential Pilates now stands out as a premier destination for those seeking a rejuvenating and inclusive fitness experience in Taupo.