Lakeside Villas

Project Overview:

Client: Lakeside Villas Taupo
Industry: Holiday Accomodation
Location: Taupo, New Zealand


When Lakeside Villas Taupo approached us, their website was failing to capture the essence and beauty of their resort. The issues they faced included:

Pop-Up Advertisements: The existing site on was plagued with irrelevant pop-up ads, which confused users and harmed the resort’s brand image.

Outdated Design: The website’s dated look, poor navigation, and low-resolution images did not reflect the resort’s stunning lakeside location and top-notch facilities.

Ineffective Representation: The true allure of Taupo and the resort’s prime waterfront location were not being showcased, missing the mark with their target audience.

No Branding: The resort lacked a logo and cohesive branding, making it difficult for them to establish a strong identity in the competitive holiday accommodation market.


Understanding the challenges, Trinity Designs embarked on a mission to transform the Lakeside Villas’ digital presence. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Sophisticated User Interface: We designed a modern, user-friendly interface, prioritising ease of navigation to cater to all demographics, from tech-savvy millennials to families and older guests.
  2. High-Quality Visual Content: We curated and incorporated high-resolution images that showcase the resort’s luxurious ambiance and breathtaking surroundings, allowing visitors to experience the serene beauty of Lakeside Villas right from their screens.
  3. Elegant Aesthetic Design: The website’s look was overhauled to reflect the upscale, luxurious nature of the resort. We used stylish fonts and a clean layout that harmonise with the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere of the resort.
  4. Branding & Identity: To address the absence of a strong visual identity, we created a simple yet sophisticated logo that embodies the unique lakeside location of the resort. This new branding captures the essence of Lakeside Villas and aims to become an iconic representation of the resort.
  5. Ad-Free Experience: By moving the website away from, we eliminated all distracting advertisements, providing visitors with an uninterrupted and engaging browsing experience.
  6. Responsive and Adaptive: The new website is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices and screen sizes. This adaptability is crucial for the diverse range of guests who visit Lakeside Villas.
the lakeside villas logo

Logo Designed By Trinity Designs


The transformation of the Lakeside Villas website is nothing short of spectacular. The new site truly reflects the essence of the resort, inviting potential guests to explore a world where luxury and tranquility converge at Taupo’s waterside. The intuitive design, engaging imagery, and strong brand identity have not only increased online user engagement but also elevated the resort’s digital presence. Lakeside Villas Taupo now sets a new standard in the digital hospitality space, making a lasting impression on every visitor.