Reading Lessons For Kids

Project Overview:

Client: Reading Lessons For Kids
Industry: Private tutoring for children
Location: Auckland, New Zealand


Kerry approached us with a passion for reading and literacy education, and a vision to share her expertise through tutoring services for children. However, she lacked a business name, logo, domain, and an online presence, which are crucial for establishing credibility and reaching her target audience. Kerry’s objective was to create a vibrant, engaging, and friendly website that would not only showcase her tutoring services, both in-person and online but also include a blog for reviewing children’s books. The aim was to make the website reflect her personal style and favorite colors, ensuring it felt inviting to parents and caregivers.


Understanding the importance of a strong foundation, Trinity Designs began the project by brainstorming with Kerry to develop a unique business name that would resonate with her target audience. Once “Reading Lessons for Kids” was born, we crafted a custom logo that reflected the brand’s ethos and selected a domain that would ensure easy online accessibility.

Our comprehensive service extended to establishing Kerry’s online presence beyond the website. We set up and optimised her Facebook and Instagram accounts, creating a cohesive brand identity across platforms. To further Kerry’s reach, we implemented a targeted Google Ads campaign, and integrated Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google My Business, and Google Analytics to monitor and enhance her online visibility and interaction with potential clients.

The website itself was designed to be a reflection of Kerry’s passion and personality, using her favorite colors and a user-friendly layout that makes information about her services easily accessible. The integration of a content management system for the blog allowed Kerry to share her insights and book reviews, adding value and engaging content for her audience. Additionally, ensuring the site was responsive across all devices was paramount, allowing Kerry to connect with parents and caregivers regardless of how they accessed the internet.

reading lessons for kids logo


The launch of the Reading Lessons for Kids website, along with a cohesive online marketing strategy, significantly transformed Kerry’s ability to reach and engage with her target audience. The website, with its personalised design and informative content, has successfully communicated the value and uniqueness of Kerry’s tutoring services. The establishment of her social media presence and the strategic use of Google’s tools have not only increased her visibility but also allowed her to interact with her audience more effectively.

Kerry has seen a notable increase in inquiries and engagement from parents and caregivers, validating the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach to bringing her business to life. This project stands as a testament to how Trinity Designs can turn a passionate idea into a thriving online presence, equipped with all the tools needed for success in the digital age.