SsangYong NZ

Project Overview: 6 Year Contract Web and Marketing

  • National and Dealership Website Design, Creation and Management for both the SsangYong and LDV brands (total of 28 websites)
  • National e-Commerce design and build for customer orders
  • Social Media Accounts – creation, management and content management, reports, budgeting
  • META (Facebook/Instagram) Advertising – ad creation, budget management, reports
  • National and Dealership EDM’s (email campaigns) through both Mailchimp and Dealersocket CMS
  • Marketing Management Team Member
  • Project Management for Photoshoots
  • Magazine Advertising Creation and Execution
  • Newsprint Advertising Creation and Execution
  • Billboards Creation and Execution
  • Vehicle Wrap Designs for Loan Vehicles
  • Assisting Management and Dealership Principles with Marketing Ideas and Campaigns
  • Speaking at Dealership Conferences
  • Quarterly Marketing Financial Review, Report and Presentation for China (LDV Brand)
  • Overseeing the Google Advertising



Great Lake Motor Distributors were the NZ distributors for both SsangYong and LDV brands. Trinity Web Designs embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionise their digital presence. Trinity Designs aimed to create a modern, contemporary website and marketing assets that would not only elevate the brand’s status but also distinctively showcase their vehicles in the competitive automotive market.

In August 2023 Great Lake Motor Distributors was sold to Inchcape.  

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  • Modern and User-Centric Design: Our approach was to design a website that reflects the sophistication and innovation synonymous with SsangYong. The interface is sleek, user-friendly, and visually compelling, ensuring a memorable user experience.

  • Responsive and Feature-Rich Interface: Acknowledging the diverse needs of online visitors, the website boasts a responsive design, adapting seamlessly across various devices. The intuitive sidebar is a standout, providing quick access to essential features like brochure downloads, contact information, local dealer and service agent finder, and finance application.

  • Updated Price List Integration: Central to the website’s functionality is an automated, server-hosted price list. This feature ensures that customers always view the most current vehicle prices, reflecting our commitment to transparency and convenience.

  • Online Finance Application via API: Simplifying the finance application process, the website integrates a robust API, enabling customers to apply for vehicle finance online. This streamlined approach enhances user engagement and accelerates the decision-making process.

  • Dealer Locator with Geolocation Technology: A key feature of the site is the innovative dealer locator, utilizing geolocation technology to guide customers to the nearest SsangYong dealer or service agent, a testament to our focus on enhancing customer convenience.

  • Local Dealership Empowerment: Extending the website’s impact, we provided local dealerships throughout New Zealand with a copy of the website. This initiative empowers dealers with a powerful tool to engage with their local communities and drive sales.



This project was not just about building a website; it was about crafting a digital gateway that aligns with SsangYong’s ethos of innovation and quality. The result is a sophisticated, feature-rich platform that not only elevates the brand’s online presence but also significantly enhances customer engagement and dealer network efficiency. It stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions that drive business growth and brand evolution.