Westside Motorcycles

Project Overview: New Website Build and Google Services

Client: Westside Motorcycles
Industry: Motorcycle Workshop
Location: Auckland, New Zealand


During the COVID-19 lockdowns in New Zealand, Westside Motorcycles urgently needed to enhance its digital presence. The business was using a basic Google website that wasn’t attracting customers. The owner, whose expertise lies in working on bikes and managing customers, lacked the knowledge to create an effective website and online strategy. The challenges included:

Low Online Visibility: The Google website wasn’t generating the needed traction or visibility for the business.

Urgent Need for Digital Presence: Like many businesses during the pandemic, Westside Motorcycles needed to quickly increase its online presence to sustain operations.

Diverse Audience Appeal: The website needed to cater to a wide range of motorcycle riders, owners, and enthusiasts, from those with expensive, prized bikes to those who enjoy weekend dirt bike rides.

Visual and Informative Content: The site had to be visually appealing, with lots of images, a blog for SEO, and detailed information about pricing and services.

E-commerce Capability: There was a need for the site to eventually sell merchandise online.

Comprehensive Google Integration: They required setup for Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Tag Manager. The Google My Business profile needed optimisation with images and posts to increase visibility.

Professional Email: The business needed a domain-specific email address instead of a generic Gmail address.



Trinity Web Designs quickly stepped in to build a comprehensive website and online presence for Westside Motorcycles:

Modern Website Build: We designed and developed a user-friendly website that visually appeals to a wide demographic of motorcycle enthusiasts. The site features high-quality images, detailed information on services and pricing, and a blog for SEO.

E-commerce Integration: At a later stage, we added e-commerce capabilities, enabling the sale of merchandise directly from the website.

Google My Business Setup: We set up and optimised their Google My Business profile. This included uploading numerous images with relevant keywords and creating posts to boost visibility in local searches.

Google Services Integration: Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Tag Manager were integrated to track performance, manage ad campaigns, and gain insights into visitor behaviour.

Professional Email Setup: We created a domain-specific email address, providing a more professional communication channel for the business.

Client Collaboration and Training: Given the owner’s unfamiliarity with digital tools, we provided training and support to ensure they could manage and update their website and online profiles effectively.


The new website and enhanced online presence have significantly transformed Westside Motorcycles’ digital footprint. The visually appealing and informative website now attracts a high volume of traffic, engaging a broad audience of motorcycle enthusiasts. The addition of e-commerce capabilities has led to successful merchandise sales, with items frequently selling out. The optimised Google My Business profile receives tens of thousands of views, greatly increasing the business’s local visibility. With professional email setup and comprehensive Google integration, Westside Motorcycles has a robust and effective online presence, ensuring continued growth and customer engagement.