Which Platform Is Best For My Website?

The Three Main Platforms That We Use

We build websites on three major platforms: WordPress, Rocketspark, and Shopify. Each of these platforms offers unique advantages, and we’ll work with you to choose the best fit for your business.  With a background in coding, you will always get a website that is unique to you.

However, if there is another platform you prefer, I would be excited to explore this further with you.  I am not a “one size fits all” type of person, and want only what is best for you!  There are some great platforms out there and it is important to consider your needs and expectations, as well as where you are located in the world.

*Please note that all pricing is stated in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and all International Clients are exempt from New Zealand GST.

wordpress logo website platform
  • Design and Flexibility: We use Elementor for custom designs and WooCommerce for e-commerce solutions, providing a highly customisable and feature-rich experience. With a background in HTML and CSS coding, using WordPress and Elementor we are able to get things looking sharp! You won’t be disappointed. Templates are not used, rather you will get a custom website with your own unique look. All within the realms of great user experience.
  • Hosting and Maintenance:
    • 1. Basic Plan (Currently not available – Premium Plan option only): (Features are shown for reference for when this plan is available again). However, if you have experience with managing a wordpress site, and/or feel confident you can manage the site, then please feel free to reach out about this hosting plan –
      • SSL (HTTPS) Security
      • Premium Cloud Hosting (SiteGround)
      • Daily Backups – Saved For 14 days
      • Site Optimisation
      • 1 Domain Email Account
      • Technical Maintenance
      • Elementor Pro License
    • 2. Premium Plan: $125 + GST per month, includes all Basic Plan features plus one hour of our time for content updates, blog posts, etc. (Please note that hours of work do not carry over into the following months, they must be used that month).
      • SSL (HTTPS) Security
      • Premium Cloud Hosting (SiteGround)
      • Daily Backups – Saved For 14 days
      • Site Optimisation
      • 1 Domain Email Account
      • Technical Maintenance
      • Elementor Pro License
      • 1 Hour of editing per month (Editing without this package is charged at $95.00 + GST per hour, therefore a savings of $20 + GST per month)
  • Considerations: While WordPress allows for extensive customisation, it may require ongoing maintenance and updates. We handle this for you to ensure your site remains secure and up-to-date.  If you have experience with Elementor and WordPress and have the confidence to manage your site, then please feel free to discuss with us the Basic Plan for hosting.
2. Rocketspark
    • Ease of Use: Ideal for clients who prefer a user-friendly interface for self-management.
    • Hosting: Rocketspark handles hosting at $45 + GST per month, which includes security and excellent support.
    • Maintenance: Clients can update their sites independently or hire us at $95 + GST per hour for any changes.
    • E-commerce: Good for basic e-commerce needs, though it may require third-party integrations like Xero for invoicing.

    Rocketspark Packages (Please note that prices exclude GST):

    1. Website Builder

      • Great for service businesses, trades, and portfolio websites.
      • $45/month 
      • $450 annually (save $90)
    2. Ecommerce Grow

      • Great for retail businesses getting started with Ecommerce.
      • $65/month
      • $650 annually (save $130)
    3. Ecommerce Pro

      • Get all integrations, unlimited products, and customer accounts.
      • $99/month
      • $996 annually (save $192)

Shopify Pricing Plans

E-commerce Focus: Best for businesses with extensive e-commerce needs, offering robust solutions but with higher ongoing costs due to Shopify fees.

Support: We provide setup and design services, with Shopify handling the backend infrastructure.

Shopify Pricing Plans (all prices in USD and NZD – current as of June 2024):

Basic Shopify
Ideal for small businesses that need to establish an online store.

  • Annual Billing:
    • USD: $39/month
    • NZD: $63/month
  • Monthly Billing:
    • USD: $51/month
    • NZD: $82/month

Features include two staff accounts, abandoned cart recovery, shipping discounts up to 45%, and a free SSL certificate.

Transaction fees:

  • Online transactions: 2.9% + 30¢ (USD) / 2.9% + 50¢ (NZD)
  • In-person transactions: 2.7% (USD) / 2.7% (NZD)

Shopify Plan
Great for growing businesses that need advanced features.

  • Annual Billing:
    • USD: $79/month
    • NZD: $127/month
  • Monthly Billing:
    • USD: $105/month
    • NZD: $169/month

Includes all Basic Shopify features plus five staff accounts, professional reporting tools, and shipping discounts up to 50%.

Transaction fees:

  • Online transactions: 2.6% + 30¢ (USD) / 2.6% + 50¢ (NZD)
  • In-person transactions: 2.5% (USD) / 2.5% (NZD)

Advanced Shopify
Suitable for larger businesses needing advanced reporting and international capabilities.

  • Annual Billing:
    • USD: $299/month
    • NZD: $482/month
  • Monthly Billing:
    • USD: $399/month
    • NZD: $643/month

Offers all Shopify Plan features plus up to 15 staff accounts, advanced reporting, and third-party calculated shipping rates.

Transaction fees:

  • Online transactions: 2.4% + 30¢ (USD) / 2.4% + 50¢ (NZD)

Shopify Plus
Designed for enterprise-level businesses with high-volume sales.

  • Starting at:
    • USD: $2,000/month
    • NZD: $3,220/month

Provides bespoke solutions, dedicated support, and extensive customisation options.

This information is current as of June 2024.

GST Considerations for New Zealand Clients: Shopify charges GST on subscription fees and Shopify Payments processing fees for New Zealand clients. If your business is registered for GST and you provide your GST number, you may be exempt from paying GST on these fees.  You can read more here, at the bottom of the page.

Additional Costs to Consider

Regardless of the platform chosen, there are additional costs involved in maintaining a successful online presence:

  • Domain Name: Registration and renewal fees.
  • Email Accounts: Costs for professional email addresses.
  • Third-Party Services: Charges for additional features or integrations, such as advanced analytics or email marketing tools.
Our Recommendation
For most clients, we recommend Rocketspark due to its user-friendly interface and reliable hosting, which alleviates the need for ongoing maintenance on our part. However, for businesses requiring more complex or highly customised websites, WordPress remains an excellent choice, with our Premium Plan ensuring comprehensive support and maintenance.
International Clients

For clients outside Australia and New Zealand, we suggest hosting solutions closer to your geographical location to ensure optimal website performance.  We are exploring additional platforms to better serve our international clients and will provide updates as we identify the best options.

Our super reliable Cloud hosting with SiteGround is based in Sydney, which serves all Australian customers exceptionally well and works incredibly well for our clients here in New Zealand. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further clarification on the best solution for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to assist you every step of the way and ensure your website meets your goals and expectations.

Thank you for choosing Trinity Designs. We look forward to working with you and bringing your vision to life.